The origin of AreoTech was an idea that was never meant to be, as timing was anything but on our side and career paths simply changed. However, this does not mean this site can’t serve at least some of its intended purposes.

Over the past several years I had the privilege of working with some of the best in the IT Networking industry on challenging projects around the world. I learned the trade by listening to their experience, by understanding their solutions to past and current problems and by adopting new methods and technologies without losing the values and principles of their shared knowledge. After all, most of today’s problems were already solved in the past – just under a different name and slightly different angle.

Through my strong passion for this trade, I ended up with a priceless level of insight into an industry that is full of solutions, How-To’s for individual pieces of technology and the next-big-thing just around the corner in an ever increasingly faster pace. Since AreoTech will not be offering any services or solutions anytime soon, I wanted to at least share some of that experience with like-minded people and try to “open-source” it with a strong focus on the “why?” we do things (or should) and share lessons I learned along the way or I am still learning – the journey never really ends and there is still heaps to learn in every aspect of this trade.

***Obvious disclaimer: The private rumblings on this site certainly do not reflect the opinions, ideas, concepts or views of any of my current or past employers or their partners, nor will I be sharing any of their confidential content in any way. This site represents my personal views and is not related to anyone else.


By the way, the name AreoTech roughly translates to “technology entity on the planet Mars”.
From Ancient Greek Ἄρης (Árēs, “the planet Mars”) – Areocentric orbit:

The areo- prefix is derived from the ancient Greek word Ares which is the personification of the planet Mars in Greek mythology. The name is an analogue to the term “geocentric orbit” for an orbit around Earth.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areocentric_orbit

But actually the name was put together by combining the two words “Arete” and “Tech” in some more or less fitting way. Arete is at the centre of my work as a Networking guy and has a very fundamental meaning for me (See Post: Arete Network Design).
But this little coincident means, I have the .Net Domain already in place if this thing grows into an interplanetary technology company – so… setting ambitious goals should not be an issue stopping AreoTech and I am open for talks @Elon.